Organic Weight Loss from the Inside Out

[organic (ȯr-ga-nik) – Of, relating to, or derived from your organs]

Scintil8 Me

You'll look so good it hurts.

Evidence-based and analytics-driven, Liber8 gives holistic weight loss the makeover it’s been dying for. Integrating induced organ crises (IOCs) with traditional mind-body practices like the Helsinki Method, it slices layers from your physical, emotional, and psychic bodies, optimizing your well-being at your deepest karmic levels. Extra pounds melt away like you were never even there.

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How does it work?

Perfectly and without your knowing. Superfluous organs (looking at you, spare kidney) are a sticky repository for emotional toxicity. Liber8’s physician-directed Coalescion Sessions wholly extract this detritus, removing the organ, protective fat, and associated traumas. Liber8 can shave extraneous segments from even your more essential organs for a leaner, meaner, truer you.

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Is it right for you?

Dropping pounds is easy. But transcendence? Surrender to your deepest self? Too heavy for Weight Watchers. More than Jenny Craig can handle. Only Liber8 is here for you. It’s your distraction, your community. It helps you remember—or forget—whichever is essential. Liber8 renders you, drains your necrotic fat, reminds you to touch your wife, to lose your sense of time and priority. There is only one question: Are you ready to get right?
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