The Terms (Agreeable) and Conditions (Formidable)

As part of its Enhanced Due Diligence Protocol, Liber8 will, on occasion, if not more frequently, posit a question for your consideration. On its surface (meticulously disinfected), this will appear to be like any other moment of your modern existence in which packets of light, indifferent by design to your personal needs and desires, will, without your consent, scream through your pupils and swarm your retinas to trigger a particular and frantic buzzing down your optical nerves. Immediately, and again without your consent, your brain will commence sense making, defensive posturing, shame arousal, etc. Ho hum.

In marketing terms, you will have experienced a Prospect Touch Point (PTP). An imperceptible shimmer will arise in your body (touch, after all). 

When your brain at last surfaces an answer, you’ll be certain it’s a result of the deliberate hemming, and especially hawing, on your part (aka the wholesale discounting of your biochemistry). You will share that answer via pixel interactions on your screen. And thus will the circle of life (vis á vis the Prospect Marketing Wet Dream) be completed.

What does this mean?
Liber8 is a modern company (personhood guaranteed), so let’s get transparent (avocado toast will arrive shortly).

THE TRUTH: Liber8 collects data, like all willing (and ambitious) participants on the Internet of Things. Or rather, let’s say harvests data, the process so organic and natural as it is.

What does that mean?
Liber8 takes your answers and stores them for its own personal use. But Liber8 but does NOT keep any information about YOU. Your answers are ANONYMIZED. Liber8 is curious, not an animal (or even, say, an Apple).

Liber8 does not know who you are (unless you say) and keeps no identifying information about you. If that changes (and odds are against your living surviving that long), you will be notified.

Liber8 will use these answers how and when Liber8 sees fit (which includes, but is not limited to, spreadsheets, billboards, PAC ads, pie charts, websites, merch, social media, cease and desist letters, etc.). By having arrived at/visited/alighted upon/thought about this or any other physical and/or digital properties owned and/or operated by Liber8 and/or any of its parent companies or subsidiaries, you agree to these terms and conditions.

In other words
The Digital Age

See? FINE, right? Truly (as promised)